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Candy Crush Saga Combos for You to Enjoy


When you get to play Candy Crush Saga, you are overwhelmed with information as to the things you need to pay attention to and the things that you have to avoid. However, you cannot fully comprehend all this information before you actually apply that to your game. One of the most important things that you will be able to understand over time is in fact the candy crush saga combos that are available to enjoy. You will see that there are numerous combos for you to try out that can get you the chance to move on more easily than you would otherwise.

One of the combos that you will be required to try out and see for yourself is that of two striped candies. You will trigger an explosion in two lines, one horizontal and one vertical. All the candies lying there will go away. When you get to combine a striped candy along with a wrapped one though, things get even more powerful and you can make three whole rows disappear. A striped candy can also be combined with the colour bomb and offer you a great opportunity even for completing the level. All the similar candies become striped ones and therefore the explosion is even greater than expected. When two wrapped candies are combined, then the explosion stretches even further on the board. Two colour bombs can be the most powerful Candy Crush Saga, since they can make all the candies on the screen go away. Of course, you can find out even more ways to combine your candies.

As you can clearly comprehend, it is much better if you make use of the most suitable and powerful Candy Crush Saga combos rather than use candies and combinations randomly without any knowledge of their features and power. 

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